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The info-software program provides information that the Government (HUD/FHA) has available to anyone wanting to locate mortgagors owed a Distributive         Share or Mortgage Insurance Refund. It will show people how to get started working-at-home processing mortgage refunds, as a 3rd party tracer.
Entrepreneurs have made as much as $20,000/mth selling printed information on this real  opportunity. Now, we've turned it into a digital product that can copy and distribute via disk, CD, email, or download!
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Besides being able  to use the software yourself, we         give you reproduction and marketing rights.... and the rights to grant  them to others! You can copy and distribute your software via CD, DVD, or the Internet for $29-$49 or any price you  like!
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Processing Mortgage  Refunds.
                              SOFTWARE FEATURES BENEFITS
Benefits to anyone receiving the software:
Use it: Earn extra income working-at-home as a 3rd Party Tracer processing mortgage refunds (helping the Federal Government return unclaimed refunds)!

Sell it:
Since it includes unlimited reproduction and marketing rights, it can be copied and            sold for any price the end-user likes!

Appeals to two huge and highly profitable markets:

            1. Selling Information. 2. Providing a work-at-home opportunity.

High Quality Product. Proven Profitable Information!


Windows® compatible. Easy to use!
                                   Three ways you can benefit
1.Use the software
to make money by  processing mortgage refunds.
2.Copy and sell the  software for $29-$49, or any price you like.
3.Give it away as an  incentive/free bonus
to help induce sales of other products.
You will be  authorized to make unlimited copies of the master software, that you can sell or give away with reproduction right for $29-$49 or any price you  like. If you sold 50 a month at $39 each, that's over $1900! The profit  potential is amazing. You could pay off your investment in just a
couple  sales.
Valued at over $500!
As you probably know, reproduction licenses to software such as this often go for $500 or more. Act today and you won't even pay close
Unlimited  reproduction license and the rights to grant this to others!
Master copy of  Processing Mortgage Refunds software!
Ready-to-publish website to sell Processing Mortgage Refunds
including a tour of the software!
License  Marketing booklet which includes:
Marketing information, a sample ad campaign, and ads to help clients
sell their software (Classified ads, display ad, postcard, 1pg flyers,
disk CD labels more)
Only $39 Order Now!
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